SeaScape’s Tree Solutions program provides the very finest care for your trees and shrubs. Our tree service adds value to your property and controls destructive insects and diseases. It prevents future attacks and improves the overall vigor, growth, flowering and fruiting of small trees and shrubs.

Plant Health Care

Pest Control

Valuable landscape plants benefit from proactive insect and disease controls to keep them from getting damaged.

Our licensed technicians inspect your shrubs and ornamental trees (under 12’) and treat them for insects and diseases.

We use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to protect your valuable landscape plants, minimizing the amount of pesticides used.


Many landscape plants flourish with a yearly fertilization. Usually performed in the fall, and typically using an injection method, proper fertilization will help keep your plants healthy.

Tree injections

Injecting trees with insect and disease controls can help them recover faster and more efficiently than other methods of treatment.

Larger trees may need systemic treatments to optimize their health.

Injecting curative treatments at the base of a tree can better treat any insects and diseases and nourish trees with fertilizer. Tree injections allow us to treat the trees well without spraying.

Deer repellents

Using scent and taste aversions, our deer repellent program helps protect your valuable landscape plants from being attacked by deer.

Anti–Desiccant Treatments

Landscape plants can lose valuable water over the winter as wind increases and rainfall is infrequent. Anti-desiccants help plants retain water and improve health over the winter.

TreeSolutions anti-desiccant treatments help plants retain water, thus keeping them from turning brown during the winter and spring.



Shrubs benefit from a yearly pruning to maintain their health and structure. Our licensed techs will properly prune shrubs to encourage flowering and health.

Flowering & Fruit Trees, Orchards

Proper pruning of flowering trees enhance their beauty and help maintain their health all year long.

Fruit trees need yearly pruning to encourage growth and fruit production. Flowering trees also benefit from pruning to maintain their shape and health.


Hedges need yearly pruning to maintain their shape, viability and health. Hand pruning is better for some hedges while sheering is appropriate for others.

Non-Turf Weed Control & Vegetation Management

Mulch Beds

Weeds treated in mulch beds before they sprout will keep you from pulling them out by hand.

Four treatments throughout the spring and summer will help keep weeds in mulch beds at a minimum.

Patios, Walks & Curbs

Weeds growing in patios, walks, and curbs need to be treated with non-turf weed control throughout the spring and summer to help maintain the beauty and functionality of your hardscapes.


Brush Clearing

TreeSolutions techs can remove any large patches of unsightly brush from your property, increasing its value and usability.