Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Lawn Fertilization

SeaScape provides lawn care, lawn fertilization and related services throughout Rhode Island, Southeast Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut.

SeaScape Lawn Care uses environmentally friendly practices and the safest products and our technicians pride themselves with safety and environmental protection measures. SeaScape will call ahead before all lawn care applications and weeds are always spot-treated to avoid unnecessary ‘blanket’ applications. After all treatments, our technicians will clean driveways and walks of all products.

Pest controls are used judiciously and under strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines by licensed and trained technicians. To learn more about our policies towards pest control applications and natural – organic lawn care, please click here or on the “Eco Friendly” button present on every page on the SeaScape web site.

SeaScape is proud to offer fertilization services, over seeding, core aeration, and pest control. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE!