SeaScape Lawn Care

SeaScape provides lawn care, lawn fertilization and related services throughout Rhode Island, Southeast Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut.

 SeaScape’s Lawn Care division proudly offers:

⇒ Fertilization services

⇒ Overseeding

⇒ Core Aeration

⇒ Grub Control

⇒ Winterizing Fertilizer

⇒ Water Savers Program

⇒ Green Lawn Care Program

SeaScape is an environmentally friendly sustainable lawn care company

Environmentally Friendly

SeaScape Lawn Care uses environmentally friendly practices and the safest products and our technicians pride themselves with safety and environmental protection measures. SeaScape will call ahead before all lawn care applications and weeds are always spot-treated to avoid unnecessary ‘blanket’ applications. After all treatments, our technicians will clean driveways and walks of all products.

Pest controls are used judiciously and under strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines by licensed and trained technicians. To learn more about our policies towards pest control applications and natural – organic lawn care, please click here or on the “Eco Friendly” button present on every page on the SeaScape web site.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization is more than just making your lawn GREEN, it is also about being GREEN. SeaScape Lawn Care prides itself on doing both and doing both well. That is why SeaScape has been New England’s #1 Professional Lawn Care provider since 1992. SeaScape Lawn Care has won awards for their work in environmentally friendly programs.

Did you know that a properly fertilized lawn actually benefits the environment? University research has consistently shown that a healthy, thick lawn will significantly reduce run-off, minimizing contaminants from reaching our precious water supplies. Plus, water that infiltrates a healthy thatch and root layer actually comes out cleaner than when it went in.

SeaScape Lawn Care has a variety of different lawn care programs to suit every lawns needs as well as every homeowner’s budget. All of our programs adhere to a strict IPM (Integrated Pest Management) policy. We use only the highest quality fertilizers and weed controls, any excess material is removed from hard surfaces (drives, walks, patios, etc.) and pre-notification before application is standard. SeaScape truly can provide you with a better lawn… GUARANTEED!

Optional Services

Lawn grub damage as chinch larva damaging grass roots causing a brown patch disease in the turf as a composite image isolated on a white background.

Grub Control

Grubs are white, C-shaped insects that feed on grass roots from August through October. They are difficult to identify until damage is done. In addition, grubs are food for animals such as skunks, raccoons, and crows, and their damage from digging for grubs can occur overnight.

The only way to protect your lawn is with a guaranteed grub control application. The application provides season-long control. If this application is not purchased and curative grub treatments are necessary there will be an additional charge. SeaScape is not responsible for grub damage without this application. This application can be included in one of our seasonal programs or purchased as an optional service.

Lawn grub damage as chinch larva damaging grass roots causing a brown patch disease in the turf as a composite image isolated on a white background.


Overseeding is the introduction of new grass to thicken and fill in thin/bare areas and to introduce improved grasses that are resistant to insects and disease.

Seeding is done in conjunction with multiple core aerations in the fall. A starter fertilizer is applied to encourage germination. This is not a total lawn renovation but is a low-cost option to improve the lawn over 2–3 years. It’s effective when the grass is thin due to shade, insect or disease damage, or years of neglect.

Healthy grass

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is the removal of thousands of “plugs” in a lawn, creating channels for the movement of air, water and nutrients into the root zone. It reduces soil compaction; encourages the natural decomposition of thatch; and enhances root growth. Aeration is generally done in the late summer or fall during a period of rapid root growth.

Healthy grass


Healthy grass

Winterizing Fertilizer

Experts and university researchers agree that fall is a perfect time of year for turf growth. The climate is getting cooler yet soil temperatures remain warm, providing excellent growing conditions.

There are numerous benefits to Winterizing Fertilizer:

  • Drought Recovery
  • Thickening of thin areas
  • Extended fall color and earlier spring greening
  • Improved lawn thickness
  • Fewer weeds and crabgrass next season