Vegetation Management

Occasionally, a portion of a homeowner’s property can become over grown with dead plants, vines, small trees, and invasive plants. SeaScape arborists are familiar with these undesirable plants and we have the equipment to effectively remove these plants and restore the site to a better, more attractive landscape.

Save time, money, and labor of pulling weeds in mulch beds and non-turf areas. An application of mulch around ornamental plants is beneficial in several ways. It conserves soil moisture and reduces soil erosion, water loss, and weeds. Mulch, however, cannot control all weeds; therefore, the use of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls helps reduce unsightly weed growth in mulched areas. For homeowners, SeaScape applies up to 4 applications of weed control to mulched and non-turf areas (such as driveways, stone patios, walkways and curbs) between March and August. These treatments significantly reduce existing weeds and minimize new weed growth.