Why SeaScape Does Not Provide Online Prices For Your Lawn

In this growing world of fast paced information gathering there is a developing trend in the landscape industry to provide you with an instant online price quote for your property. There are a number of websites that can be utilized to identify potential property boundaries and lawn edges. In our experience these tools are fairly inaccurate and do not provide for an accurate measurement of your lawn. Companies that utilize these measuring tools will oftentimes provide an initial low price but will later increase their price after the 1st application.

Also, and most importantly, online pricing tools do not allow us to see your lawn in person so that we may make proper recommendations specific to your individual lawn. As opposed to providing online pricing SeaScape instead will send one of our experienced lawn technicians to your property to provide you with a FREE, no obligation lawn analysis and price estimate, oftentimes within 24-48 of your request. I hope SeaScape Lawn Care can be of service this season.