closeup of mosquito
Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash

Now more than ever your yard is your oasis. Our technicians have been working hard to help keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and pest free.

If you have been outside, it’s likely you have already seen some ticks and mosquitoes. Experts recommend protecting yourself, children, and pets from these increasingly dangerous insects. Controlling these insects before they bite you can reduce your exposure to harmful diseases.

Did you know that YardGuard can help control ticks and mosquitoes? Our mosquito control applications are just $69 per month (up to an acre). These treatments greatly reduce mosquito populations, making your time outside more enjoyable. Five yearly applications of YardGuard’ s tick and flea control significantly reduce the tick population and your risk of getting bitten on your lawn. Our tick and flea applications will help keep these pests out of your lawn and off of you and your pets.

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