By this time of year, your lawn should really be greening up. You may have also noticed weeds are starting to pop up. But, not to worry. The weeds can easily be treated. So, if you spot them and haven’t had an application in the last two weeks, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-294-LAWN or fill out the below service request form.

We are starting to see seed heads popping up in lawns. While the white tops might look like weeds, they are actually seeds. You may see these white or reddish seed heads in various spots. They will go away the next time your lawn is mown.

Have you seen some grubs in your lawn or beds? Those are actually from last fall. They are getting ready to turn into beetles soon. We do not put down a curative control at this time because it’s a needless pesticide application. Those grubs are no longer feeding, and are not doing any damage.