The new Rhode Island state logo could certainly apply to our weather here in Southern New England.

After several weeks of early, warm spring weather, it appears that we are facing a return to the deep freeze for the weekend and the beginning of next week.

Lawns have already begun to turn green, and respond to early applications of
fertilizer. Many early flowering shrubs, such as witch hazel and forsythia,
have already begun to flower, especially those in protected areas and on the
south side of building and homes. Daffodils are up and blooming in most

A few days of cold weather will not harm your lawn or any of the outdoor
plants that have begun flowering. For those plants that have not fully
flowered, the process will slow down, but will resume when the warm
temperatures return.

For anyone that has already moved any indoor plants outside, or planted
summer annuals, they will need to come indoors. If left outdoors, they will
freeze and be killed.

The one exception would be pansies that have been placed outdoors already
this spring. Pansies can withstand freezing temperatures and a hard frost.
However, the forecast for early next week calls for lows in the teens and
low 20’s. Even pansies, at temperatures this low, should be moved indoors if