As the weather continues to grow warmer, our TreeSolutions technicians will be out for the first round of insect control applications for your plants. The first application for many Plant Health Care customers consists of dormant oil. Horticultural oil is applied to plants to suffocate and kill over wintering insects before they hatch. This application must be done before new growth starts emerging on plants. That’s why our trained technicians will be out now, even when it seems like winter is just ending. We need to combat the insects that want to eat your plants before they start feeding.

Not a Plant Health Care customer? Give us a call at 1-800-294-5296; visit our website at or send an email to email@seascapeinc for more information on protecting your landscape.

If left untreated with an anti-desiccant, leaves will lose color and become unhealthy after a New England winter.

Did you know that trees and shrubs can be prone to winter desiccation? New England winter patterns often mean that we have some milder days mixed in with cold days. When trees and shrubs warm up, they pull water through their roots out to their branches and leaves. The next cold wind that comes along can strip the plant of this moisture. Lack of moisture leads to desiccation, or the drying/shriveling of leaves and branches. TreeSolutions can help. We now recommend 2 applications of an anti-desiccant spraying: one done in late fall and another done now as the weather warms. The anti-desiccant applications provide a barrier to help keep moisture in your plants.

If you’ve had just one anti-desiccant treatment, it’s not too late to sign up for another. Contact our office for more details.