Our area has seen a significant lack of rain over the past several months. This drought has had a profound effect on many lawns. It’s also affected outdoor trees and shrubs. Our technicians have done their best to mitigate the damage the drought has done, but effects of the drought will likely be seen into the fall.

Healthy grass

Core aeration will help drought stressed lawns recover.


If you are able to water your lawn, you should continue to do so. Turf plants that went into dormancy to protect themselves during the drought will start to recover when the rain and cooler temps return. Our technicians will continue to treat weeds as necessary and provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to help recover. Core aeration is a good idea for lawns that suffered from drought stress. Soil that is hard and compact negatively impacts grass roots. By aerating your lawn, water and nutrients will have more access to the roots, enhancing recovery and promoting new root growth.

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damaged shrub

Shrubs can suffer from drought conditions. Consider watering your shrubs to help improve their health.


Our TreeSolutions technicians have seen several shrubs in drought stress. Your lawn may have a sprinkler system, but many irrigation systems inadequately water shrubs and plants. If you see the leaves of your shrubs curling and/or browning, consider watering them. Placing a hose at the base of large shrubs and smaller trees will allow you to deeply water them. A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon of water per square inch of root zone per week.
tree pruning

Some of the damage caused by gypsy moth caterpillars may need to be pruned out of trees


Many trees in our areas were affected by the enormous gypsy moth caterpillar population this summer. In addition to making a mess, these pests defoliated ornamental trees and large hardwood trees. The good news is that most of those trees will recover from the damage they sustained. However, smaller ornamental trees may have damage that should be removed. Our licensed arborists can evaluate your trees to see if any trimming is necessary.

TreeSolutions offers a 10% discount on trimming and removal work we can do in the winter. 
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