As winter comes to an end, many of you are probably itching to get your yards back in shape and may be wondering if you should seed your lawn this spring.

Fall remains the best time to seed and we usually don’t recommend spring lawn seeding unless your lawn is more dirt than turf. April showers bring May flowers and spring seeding brings crabgrass and weeds. We can’t typically control crabgrass if you seed in the spring. There are products you can buy. However, they are very expensive and work less than half of the time, so we don’t use them.

If you seed in the spring your lawn will compete with crabgrass all season. Crabgrass usually wins. However, if you really want to seed, wait until after our first application. Then, in those areas you want to seed, rake up the soil well. Adding topsoil is even better. That will destroy the pre-emergent barrier and your seed should germinate.

Please call us and let us know if you have seeded. That way we will avoid treating those areas with products that may harm your seedlings.


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