snow mold close upAfter a record-breaking winter, many homeowners may be unaware of the damage to their lawns from snow mold.

Snow mold is a fungal infection that damages or kills grass and is most prevalent after winters with heavy snowfall.  Affected areas turn a light brown or tan color and have patches of grass that are matted down or dead.  Damage is usually concentrated in circular patterns and, if left  untreated, can damage a lawn for an extended period of time.

At SeaScape Lawn Care, we have over 20 years of experience in treating home lawn cosmetic issues such as snow mold, and have an extensive knowledge on how to properly tend to the issue.

The majority of homeowners in our area will see snow mold on their lawns, according to President of Seascape, Jim Wilkinson, PhD.  Residents should be advised that their lawns will look unpleasant once the snow fully melts.  However, snow mold will recover in time after taking the necessary measures, and our professionals are available to restore lawns to their full potential for the coming season.

Wilkinson advises that homeowners can help to fix the issue themselves, but encourages that they take advantage of fertilizer application offers provided by SeaScape.

To immediately tend to the issue, residents can simply rake the grass to stand it back up properly. However, applying the right fertilizer is essentially the most important factor when restoring your lawn.

A fully restored lawn will take about five applications, and grass should recover within three to four weeks of doing so.

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