Your grass is made up of thousands of little turf plants. Those plants need water to grow. Unfortunately, drought stress in the summer has become somewhat common in New England. By treating your lawn now, before the dog days of summer, WaterSavers can help your lawn look its best this season with less water.

Using dual modalities, WaterSavers applications help your lawn retain water longer and use it more efficiently. Customers can use up to 33% less water each year. Less water and greener grass = win. In times of drought or where poor irrigation exists, this material enhances the soil’s ability to hold moisture (up to 70 times) and can release it at a slower rate over time.


SeaScape’s Water Savers Program consists of three applications per year. These applications are timed in conjunction with your second, third, and fourth lawn care applications when the threat of drought stress or increased watering requirements are the highest.

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