New Customers Receive First Treatment Free

Tree Solutions is beginning the first plant health care application of the season: dormant oil for insect control. Dormant oil is applied to your trees and shrubs while the plants are dormant. It is very effective in suffocating a number of damaging plant insects, mites and scale pests. Treatments will be made as weather allows and when daytime temperatures approach 40 degrees.

The treatments are especially effective on scale type insects that damage a variety of trees and shrubs, including maples, taxus (yew), and holly. This treatment will prevent the scale from developing into the “crawler” stage, which will damage plants later in the season. Successful control of scale is far easier now than later in the season during the crawler stage of the pest.

Do you remember the strange phenomenon of moths flying around last November and December? These “winter moths” are relatively new to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The adult moths laid eggs on the bark of trees in the late fall/early winter. The eggs will hatch early this spring and the resulting larvae will defoliate much of your plant material. Dormant oil treatments will minimize winter moth activity, but total elimination of damage is close to impossible.

Special offer for new plant health customers: allow Tree Solutions to provide you with a free plant health care quote, and with the purchase of a yearlong program we will provide the first treatment free of charge. Treatments throughout the year include insect & disease controls, fertilization, dormant oil and anti-desiccant treatments. *The free application is for new, first time plant health customers only.

Winter moths have become a problem in Rhode Island. Adult winter months were abundant last November and December, laying eggs on tree trunks. The eggs will hatch in early spring.


Tree Solutions’ dormant oil treatment will suffocate the moth’s eggs and minimize damage. Without treatment, winter moth larvae will defoliate trees.
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