desiccation-rhododendronThis winter, the weather has ranged from record high temperatures to bitter cold and snow. The inconsistent weather patterns are attributed to El Nino, which shifts the location of warm ocean waters on the West coast. This causes cooler than normal temperatures in the West but warmer than normal temperatures in the East. As a result, the weather in the East can be inconsistent during winter.

The effect that El Nino has on the weather just as much affects your trees and shrubs. Rapidly changing weather and rising and falling temperatures can harm your plants. Due to these shifts in weather, plants can have difficulty growing properly. Much like how you need a jacket when going outside, your plants also need a layer of protection in the winter. Seascape’s anti-desiccation spray is a great way to give your plants the protection they need.

Our licensed and trained TreeSolutions technicians can apply an anti-desiccant spray to the exposed parts of your plants. This non-pesticide helps to keep your plants from losing water throughout the winter. In addition, our spray also protects your plants from winter weather damages and wind burn. This results in healthier trees and shrubs as when spring arrives.

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