You may notice that your lawn has some issues now that it is warm out. You can always send us an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-294-5296 if you have questions about your lawn.

Red thread

When the weather gets humid and rainy, you may see some reddish spots in your lawn. Red thread, a fungal disease, gives grass blades an orange to red cast, often in a circular pattern. Red thread is a common cosmetic disease that rarely does damage to your lawn. To combat this disease, your lawn technician will apply more fertilizer. The fertilizer will help your grass grow faster, thus removing the red thread naturally. Fungicides aren’t necessary for red thread, so we rarely use them for that problem. You may find it helpful to bag your clippings when you mow until the red thread is gone. That will help keep it from spreading. Once the weather dries out a bit, red thread will go away.

Watering and Mowing

Mowing and watering are two essential factors when it comes to the health of your grass. Your lawn should be mown at least once a week during the growing season. Please keep your blades high, and leave your mown grass at 3-3.5 inches. Longer grass blades = longer grass roots. Also, taller grass will help combat weeds and crabgrass. If you cut your lawn short, you will see it brown out faster.

Your lawn also needs 1-1.5 inches of water per week. Watering in the early morning is best, giving your turf a chance to dry throughout the day. If you use a hose and sprinkler, consider watering only once or twice a week, for about 45 minutes per section. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, set it to water every 3rd or 4th day for about 30-40 minutes per zone. If your automatic sprinkler system has a rain gauge feature, please use it. You will save water. If you cannot water, expect your lawn to go into drought stress. Our licensed lawn techs will amend your applications as necessary


Did you know that SeaScape offers a Water$avers program? These applications will help your lawn better use the moisture it does receive. Using surfactants to hold onto water, and humectants to draw moisture out of the air, Water$avers applications lower your watering requirements. Less watering means less drain on your well, or money spent on your monthly water bill. Contact our office for more information on Water$avers.

Mosquito Control

As many of us spend more time outside in the summer, we also see more mosquitoes. YardGuard offers monthly mosquitoes applications. These treatments, applied using a mist blower, will significantly reduce your mosquito population. You can also help keep mosquitoes out of your yard by keeping breeding grounds to a minimum. Clean your gutters out; get rid of any standing water; make sure your kiddie pools are emptied  when not in use. Combined with our mosquito applications, these practices will help keep mosquitoes away! Each application is just $69 a month (up to 1 acre), from now until September. Contact our office with any questions or to sign up.