Unfortunately, Southern New England remains in the fourth most severe drought in over 100 years. Many towns have issued water bans. Usually we have started receiving more consistent rainfall by this time, but with no significant rain in the forecast for at least the next 10 days here are some tips:

Seeding – If you cannot water, you do not want to seed your lawn now. New seed needs to be watered twice a day for at least 4-6 weeks to properly germinate. If your town is in a watering ban, they may make an exception for new seed! Please call your town’s hall to get more information.

Turf – Many lawns continue to show drought stress. Most lawns are cool season grasses, which usually thrive in cooler temperatures. Your lawn will recover as we get more rain. Please, resist the urge to skip applications. Grub damage can mimic drought stress. Your lawn techs will automatically adjust your program to account for the lack of water. Weeds are still thriving, and we want to be sure to treat those so your grass isn’t competing with them for water and nutrients. If you can water, please continue to water each section of your lawn, every other day, for about an hour.

Leaves and Mowing – Leaves are already falling. Try to pick them up more regularly rather than waiting until every last leaf falls. You don’t want a thick covering of leaves as it won’t allow beneficial water to reach the grass. Also, do not mow short. Keeping your grass at 3.5 inches tall will also help keep it as healthy as possible.

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