IMG_0734Nutsedge is an annual weed that grows this time of year, and you have probably noticed it sprouting up in your lawn. Although nutsedge resembles grass and is sometimes referred to as “nutgrass,” it is not grass, but a sedge.

If you were to pull the entire plant out you would see that it looks like it’s growing from a nut. Its leaves are longer and usually a lighter green color than the rest of your grass.

Those of you who have seen it in your lawn know that it grows fast, and can be difficult to control. It is hardly visible just after the lawn is mowed, but within 2-3 days it is much taller than the rest of your lawn.

Nutsedge cannot be prevented with any weed controls, it can only be treated once it has started to grow. It will be treated, along with any other weeds, at the time of your application.

Please do not pull the nutsedge out of the ground. The nut attached to the root will likely remain in the ground, promoting further growth.

As the days shorten and get cooler, generally in September, nutsedge will start to go away on its own. Until then, if you see it between applications, please contact our office at 1-800-294-5296 or email us at and we will come out and treat it