Many lawns in our area have recently been afflicted with a yellow, spotty pattern. According to the turf experts at the University of Rhode Island, this lawn issue can be found from Boston to NYC! Lawns suffered some damage from the Halloween snowfall. This damage, which looks like lots of circular yellow patches, will recover. It’s not pretty, but it won’t do permanent damage to your lawn. Click here to read more about this issue from other turf experts.

Mowing and Leaves

Many of you will soon be mowing for the last time. Please, don’t lower your mower height! If you mow too low and your lawn turns brown it will stay that way for the winter. Stressing your turf out by mowing it too short is detrimental at any time of the season, especially now. Mowing high will help protect your lawn all year long.

Lots of leaves have fallen off of the trees. Please try to pick them up. Letting leaves stay on the lawn all winter can rob your grass of sunlight and water. A lawn free of most leaves will stay healthier later into the fall and green up earlier in the spring.

Fall Lawn Service

We still have some late fall fertilization left to do. This is the last application that your lawn may receive this year. This application will help your lawn further recover from the drought this summer. By giving your grass more nutrients now you are ensuring a healthier start to next spring. We can apply fertilizer right up until we get a hard freeze.SeaScape will be aerating up until the ground is frozen, too. This beneficial treatment will help decrease thatch in your lawn and stimulate root growth. Despite the snow last week, lawns still have some growing to do this fall.