Fall is Here And It’s Time to Aerate

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. Did you know that aeration helps your lawn recover from drought stress and gives your roots a boost? To help your lawn transition into the winter, SeaScape offers Core Aeration.
Healthy grass

Core aeration will help drought stressed lawns recover.

Aeration will promote your turf’s health all season long.


If you order core aeration by November 1st, your lawn will receive a supplemental application of limestone for free. Using a product called,Solu-Cal, an enhanced calcitic lime, this extra application will help raise the pH of your soil and provide your lawn with more humic acids. Derived from plant extracts, natural humic acids stimulate roots and are vital to soil health.


Aeration and limestone will help your lawn recover from any stresses over the summer and help keep it healthy throughout the fall and winter.


For pricing and to order a core aeration and free Solu-Cal, please call our office at 1-800-294-5296, or send us an email to email@seascapeinc.com. Please mention promo code “CAL” to be sure you receive your free Solu-Cal application.


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