It’s fall in New England. That typically means that our cool season turf grasses look great! Here are a few issues and tips to remember as we head deeper into the season of pumpkins and leaf peeping.


Leaves are falling fast and furiously! Though it’s easier to mulch your leaves we don’t recommend it. Too often you won’t be able to grind your leaves up small enough to help them decompose. Large piles of leaves should   be picked up and removed from your turf.

A dense pile of leaves will be detrimental to your lawn. However, scattered leaves don’t present the same problem. If you have lawn care applications left to be done this season, your lawn technician will take your leaf cover into consideration. A few? No problem, we can put that granular application and we can aerate over them, too. A thick covering? Your licensed tech will leave you a note to give us a call when the leaves are picked up. Then we will return to put down the appropriate application.


Many of us will only mow our lawns a few more times before the grass starts to go into dormancy. Please do not dramatically lower your mower! It’s just not healthy for your grass. If you really want to go shorter, please only go down one setting lower on your mower. Scalped grass will burn out, even this late in the season, and look terrible. Like a bad haircut, it won’t look better until it grows out in the spring.


This was a tough season for grubs. Due to the warmer temperatures and dry conditions, grubs hatched a little later and are still out in force. If you notice patches of browning grass that seem to pull up, please give us a call. In this stage, grubs are relatively easy to see. One or two grubs in the grass and many in mulch or planting beds are not worrisome. However, several grubs in your lawn can do some damage. If your neighbor’s lawn has grubs it doesn’t mean that your lawn will. Grubs move up and down in the soil, not horizontally from spot to spot. If you see brown patches or notice that animals are digging at your turf, please contact us at 1-800-294-5296 or We’ll send your lawn technician out to treat grubs if necessary.

Plant Health Care

Many trees and shrubs benefit from some fertilizer in the fall. One last feeding to help them prosper during the winter is the last step in many Plant Health Care programs. You’ll see our technicians once or twice more.

Our tree crews will be out doing winter tree work (saving customers 10%). Deer tend to feed on landscape plants, especially in winter, when they are out searching for food. To alleviate this problem our YardGuard techs will apply deer repellents to keep plants safe. They will also continue placing foundation rodent controls to keep mice out of your home. Please contact us at 1-800-294-5296 for more information about any of our services. We look forward to helping you keep your lawn and landscape looking great next spring.

Christmas Decor

We don’t stop working during the winter. Our Christmas Decor crews are out spreading holiday cheer and installing lights. If you are interested in getting a free quote for your home or business, give us a call or request an estimate here.