Have you noticed a lot of acorns in your yard this year? That usually means a cold, long winter. Deer will likely be looking for easy sources of nutrients. They will start to feed on your beautiful landscape and plants.

Much like humans like some junk food once in a while, deer enjoy variety in their diets. That can spell disaster for your landscape.

YardGuard can help! Our deer repellent program uses scent and taste aversion to train the deer to avoid your gardens. Give us a call for more information on our deer repellent program at 1-800-294-LAWN (5296).

In addition to keeping deer from eating your landscaping, YardGuard can also help keep rodents out of your house.

Rodents, always opportunists, will try even harder to sneak into your home or shed to take advantage of your heat. Using locked bait boxes, our Foundation Rodent Control can help keep mice outside where they belong. Our YardGuard techs will put our carefully filled boxes around the foundation of your home and/or shed. The bait stays locked inside, out of the reach of pets or children. At our monthly visits through the winter, our technicians will refill the bait boxes, protecting your home from messy rodent guests!