The signs of spring are everywhere. The days are getting longer. The first flowers are starting to pop out of the ground. So, what should you be doing to help bring your lawn out of its winter slumber?

SeaScape’s Dr. Jim Wilkinson shared some tips with Studio 10 on WJAR.

  • Pick up debris and give the lawn a good raking
  • Don’t dethatch now. It’s better to do it in the fall
  • Apply fertilizer and crabgrass control in March or April

When the time comes, Wilkinson stressed the importance of mowing your lawn properly. He said to raise the height of the cut, as mowing too short can cause a host of problems. He also suggested leaving the clippings, which provide valuable nutrients to your lawn and reduce the amount of fertilizer you need.

Wilkinson also discussed YardGuard and the value of keeping ticks and mosquitoes at bay.

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