While we turn up our heat, wild animals may decide to make themselves at home in your yard. YardGuard has solutions to keep your landscape, and home, protected from unwanted guests.

Foundation Rodent Control

Would you mind if me and 50 of my friends come live in your garage for the winter?

Rodents, always opportunists, will try even harder to sneak into your home or shed to take advantage of your  heat. Using a locked bait box, our foundation rodent control can help keep mice outside where they belong. Our YardGuard techs will put our carefully filled boxes around the foundation of your home and/or shed. The bait stays locked inside, out of the reach of pets or children. At our monthly visits through the winter, our technicians will refill the bait boxes. Keeping mice out of your home creates less mess and health hazards for you and your family. Each treatment is just $39 (with a one-time bait box fee of $49). Contact us at email@seascapeinc.com  or 1-800-294-5296 to order.

Deer Repellent

The stuff YardGuard keeps spraying on your plants is ruining my appetite!

While deer don’t seek refuge in your living room, they do like to make a snack of your plantings. YardGuard can help! Our deer repellent program will help deter deer from feeding on your landscaping. Using a combination of scent and taste aversions, our licensed YardGuard technicians will treat your plants on a monthly basis. Deer will quickly learn that they can find a tastier meal elsewhere. Please contact us at email@seascapeinc.com or 1-800-294-5296 to arrange for a free estimate.