Tree Service

Often homeowners elect to remove trees on their property for numerous reasons such as changes in landscape design or the tree is dead or dying or may be hazardous to people or property. SeaScape arborists will advise homeowners when a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed. Our trained specialists will carefully and efficiently remove trees when required or requested.

All trees usually need to be pruned during their different stages of life. SeaScape prune young trees to help shape and provide the proper scaffold branches that will give a tree good structure throughout its lifetime. Some trees as they age, shed branches and limbs. SeaScape arborists remove these dead limbs for safety and for the tree’s health. Older mature trees often need crown reduction to balance the weight and density of the crown to the root structure below. This helps prevent trees from blowing over or breaking apart during windstorms.

Trees add value to our properties by providing a landscape aesthetic, shade and screening. Some trees however, may succumb to old age, insects, and diseases. Our trained arborists will assess your trees and advise you as to those trees that may pose a hazard to people or property. We can advise as to the best remedy to solve the hazardous conditions. This may be as simple as removing dead limbs or as severe as removing the entire tree.

Part of tree removal can be partially removing the stump by grinding it down several inches below the soil line. This is especially effective in lawns and garden areas to be replanted. SeaScape has the equipment that can efficiently remove a stump that could be a problem in a landscape.

As trees develop; often branches can potentially become weak. SeaScape arborists will identify those branches and recommend cabling or bracing of a branch to help stabilize it. This is often used when hazardous situations could develop or large limbs or the tree could split ultimately ruining its shape.

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