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SeaScape’s Tree Solutions program provides the very finest care for your trees and shrubs. Our tree service adds value to your property and controls destructive insects and diseases. It prevents future attacks and improves the overall vigor, growth, flowering and fruiting of small trees and shrubs.

What is Tree Solutions by SeaScape?

SeaScape’s tree service  has licensed and trained technicians and arborists who monitor your trees and shrubs for insects, diseases, and other problems as well as provide the necessary controls and advice to keep your plants looking their best. Treatments are made using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to ensure limited and efficient use of pest control materials. With the advice of our technicians, choose the best combination of controls from our ten-point treatment program.

In addition to our general programs, our tree service also designs programs to address specific or current plant problems such as hemlock woolly adelgid, winter moth, or bleeding canker on beech, which can devastate trees in our area.

TreeSolutions by SeaScape offers a wide variety of tree service, including removals, trimming, stump grinding, shrub pruning and hazard assessment. Let our trained professional arborists take the worry out of all your tree and shrub work. We are fully insured and licensed.

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