Beech leaf disease, a relatively new pest in our area, has started to be seen in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Dr. Heather Faubert, Director of the University of Rhode Island Plant Health Clinic first saw this disease pop up in Ashaway, RI.

Beech trees, which are usually known for their smoother bark and unique leaves, are relatively common in our area. Unfortunately, beech leaf disease is damaging some of them. Beeches that are afflicted with this pest will start to have striped or even curling leaves. The leaves will start to turn brown as the pest does more damage.

TreeSolutions techs have been trained to spot this disease. It can be treated, typically with a supplemental soil drench. Treatment should be considered if you have a beech tree that is a central part of your landscape. If you are worried about your beech tree, please contact our office and we’ll send a TreeSolutions tech out to take a look.