Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization is more than just making your lawn GREEN, it is also about being GREEN. SeaScape Lawn Care prides itself on doing both and doing both well. That is why SeaScape has been New England’s #1 Professional Lawn Care provider since 1992. SeaScape Lawn Care has won awards for their work in environmentally friendly programs.

Did you know that a properly fertilized lawn actually benefits the environment? University research has consistently shown that a healthy, thick lawn will significantly reduce run-off, minimizing contaminants from reaching our precious water supplies. Plus, water that infiltrates a healthy thatch and root layer actually comes out cleaner than when it went in.

SeaScape Lawn Care has a variety of different lawn care programs to suit every lawns needs as well as every homeowner’s budget. All of our programs adhere to a strict IPM (Integrated Pest Management) policy. We use only the highest quality fertilizers and weed controls, any excess material is removed from hard surfaces (drives, walks, patios, etc.) and pre-notification before application is standard. SeaScape truly can provide you with a better lawn… GUARANTEED!


  1. Early Spring – Slow Release Fertilizer, Crabgrass Control, Weed Control
  2. Late Spring – Balanced Fertilizer, Crabgrass Control, Weed Control
  3. Summer – Slow Release Fertilizer, Grub Control (optional), Weed Control
  4. Late Summer – Balanced Fertilizer, Insect Control (as necessary), Weed control
  5. Early Fall – Balanced Fertilizer, Limestone, Weed Control