While it’s true a lawn can really help boost your home’s curb appeal, it also has a lot of benefits for the community. From cooler temperatures to flood control, here are some ways your little patch of earth is helping the world we all live in.

One square 500-square-foot grass lawn can produce enough oxygen daily to support 14 to 34 people, according to The Lawn Institute! If lawns were eliminated there would be less oxygen in the air and making it harder for us to breathe.

Lawns also capture a wide variety of environmental pollutants, including carbon dioxide. The Lawn Institute says carbon modeling of a suburban home on a half-acre lot, with landscape beds, shrubs, trees, and a grass lawn, indicates the lawn is responsible for 81-90% of the carbon captured.

Another benefit of having a lawn is that lawns keep cool when the temperatures are hot! Lawns can be up to 60 degrees cooler than surrounding pavement. According to The Lawn Institute, plants including natural turfgrass, act like air conditioners due to a naturally occurring cooling process known as evapotranspiration.

And speaking of weather, lawns lessen flooding! Lawns naturally provide excellent water filtration, sediment reduction, runoff control, flood control, and pollutant reduction.

Lawns are also aesthetically pleasing to home buyers — a well-maintained lawn increases home values by an estimated 10-15%.

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